Even the best door and hardware products are of little value without the support of a full-service professional. At Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. we are continually striving to exceed the expectations of our customer. By providing the very best in support and customer education, you now have the resources available to make the very best decisions regarding the installation, maintenance, repairs and renovation of your business's doors and entry-ways.

At Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc., we are proud to have employed only the very finest professionals in our industry and are pleased to share their expertise with you, our consumer. Each and every member of the Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. is always ready to serve and will ensure that no detail is left unfulfilled as we have earned the privilege of your business. Including our custom installation services, we provide a variety of repair and preventive maintenance services to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety of your doors.

Below we have briefly outlined those services so that you have an opportunity to gain some trust in our experience and expertise. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. at 972-723-3994.


If you are thinking that door installation is just about attaching doors to frames, sometimes that is true. However more often than not, commercial custom door installation also has many other factors which must be considered. For example, building codes enforced by the city must always be kept in mind. At Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. our experts work side by side with your building managers and code enforcement representatives to ensure your doors are exceeding the standards by local authorities. You can be rest-assured that you have employed only the very best in the hollow metal door industry when you have contracted Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. to complete your project.


Keeping your investment in your doors working for you is the job of our service crews. We understand that it is more than a small inconvenience when a critical opening fails. It may mean loss of revenue, loss of productivity and even injury to your personnel when problems arise. Whether you manage a large distribution facility requiring frequent inspection and maintenance or have a single critical opening, we offer an extensive array of maintenance services designed to reduce the likelihood of a costly business interruption.


Sometimes problems are unavoidable. You may need help quickly. One phone call to Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. at 972-723-3994, and we will promptly put our service crews into action. We are happy to provide free estimates and a flexible scheduling calendar so to cause as little interruption in your business day as possible.


When it’s time to replace, modify or renovate, Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. will assist you so that you can make changes smoothly, and with a minimum of interruption. Our door and hardware specialists can help you plan and execute even the most complicated retro-fits. Whether you need customized engineering services through one of our manufacturers, or a total door replacement, you can rely on Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with each and every visit.

We hope that you enjoy your tour of our website and that we have an opportunity to earn your trust and your business. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free estimate, please contact Metroplex Exit Doors, Inc. at 972-723-3994 or you may also request services from this site.

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